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The Toilet Demystified: Maintenance + Cleaning Tips

So, we’re with you, toilet upkeep isn’t one of the more pleasant household chores.

But, with just a bit of attention and regular proper care, you’ll be keeping your toilet working at its best and squeaky clean to boot!

1. Vacuum before scrubbing: this one is a game changer. Dust bunnies, hair, pet fur, fibers, etc. all tend to accumulate along the rim of the bowl and by the base of the toilet. And when those fuzzies stick to the sponge or rag you’re cleaning with, you end up just moving them around and making a big old mess! We recommend getting a bathroom-appropriate handheld dust buster to tackle this exact issue. Vacuum all around first, and then clean with an antibacterial cleaner.

2. Keep your toilet brush fresh: Without splitting ‘bristles’ about this one, just add a glug of distilled white vinegar into the toilet brush holder to keep it fresh and odorless. Also, if you can’t remember the last time you replaced the brush, that means it’s time – this is never something you’ll regret.

3. Clean the rim jets: If you notice your toilet flushing more slowly, the rinse holes under the inner rim may be clogged. You can use a metal coat hanger or a big paper clip to poke into the holes and loosen any deposits. There’s a first time for everything.

4. Know how to unclog your toilet: If you don’t already have a plunger, here is a reminder to get one. It’s a must. For the eventual toilet clog but also the unwelcome toilet overflow. But! If you’re ever in a pinch or the plunger doesn’t seem to be going to job, unclogging the toilet with a bit of dish soap is a toilet hack the internet is loving right now. Squirt about 0.5 cup of liquid dish soap and let it sit for a while. Flush and the slippery soap should help move things along.

5. Seriously, only flush toilet paper: We’re loving all the no-tree bamboo options for toilet paper these days that are often at most 2-ply, making it easier for your toilet to dissolve the paper after it’s flushed. Remember, your toilet and plumbing system isn’t meant to handle anything outside toilet paper and waste.

6. Listen up: Notice if your tank is taking longer than usual to quiet after flushing (we’re talking minutes and minutes). In most cases, it’s an easily fixable problem and should be addressed by a qualified plumber before it turns into a bigger plumber. Furthermore, it’s a big waste of water!


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