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5 appliance filters you never clean but you should

An unchanged filter can influence indoor air quality and cause our appliances to work overtime and less efficiently or even not at all. And sometimes changing a filter feels like a daunting task if you haven’t done it before. But, you got this! It’s all in the knowing how (and remembering to!).

#1) Oven Range:  The oven range filter that lives over your stove and is supposed to sweep away smoke and grease when you’ve burnt your pancakes has probably never been cleaned. Or it’s been a very very long time. Depending on how often you cook, oven range filters should be wiped down regularly and changed every 2-3 months.

Want a video on how to change it out and clean it? CLICK HERE

#2) Humidifier:  If you use a humidifier every night, you probably already know that its parts need cleaning every week. On top of that, if you’re using it daily, you will also need to change the filter at least once during the winter season (when your heater is cranked up and drying the heck out the air). 

Extra Tip: if you’re searching for a humidifier, choose one with a wide mouth. The wider mouth, the easier to clean –  it allows you to get elbow deep with some dish soap and vinegar to help keep bacteria at bay.

#3) WaterWater filters need to be changed so they can continue to purify your water.  

#4) HVAC unit:  HVAC systems, especially if new and maintained, can be filed under “set and forget,” as long as you keep up your annual servicing. Of course, breakdowns come with the territory and you’ll cross that bridge (with the help of Armadillo), when you get there. In the meantime, pleated filters are best practice and should be changed every three months.

Here’s how to change a pleated filter: CLICK HERE 

#5) Furnace: Like any HVAC system, furnace heaters have filters too and need to be changed to keep the coils working and the air clean. Check your manufacturer’s recommendation and set some reminders in your phone for filter replacements. This can also be done during your annual servicing, but fiberglass filters need to be changed every 2 months and paper filters need to be changed once a year.


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