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How to Properly Clean a Bathtub

Let’s normalize not knowing the most effective ways to clean things in the house, especially the things that get a LOT of use. Enter, the mystifying bathtub cleaning. How to do it? How frequently? Which non-toxic ingredients to use? 

And to remember the importance of proper upkeep to avoid bacteria buildup, soap scum, dirt rings, hard-water deposits, and the ever-unwelcome mold and mildew accumulation.

This doesn’t have to be a “chore” per se, just casual upkeep incorporating into your regular house cleaning routine. We think once a week to every 10 days is fair, depending on your usage, how many bods need get showered or soaked in the tub everyday, etc.

So here are tips and steps to a glistening tub that you can feel comfortable putting your kids, your dog, or your partner in.

Note: to be extra precise, make sure you know your tubs’ material: acrylic (most common), fiberglass, or porcelain-enamel.

How to Properly Clean a Bathtub

You’ll need to grab supplies: a small bucket, all purpose soap (we like Dr. Bronner’s SalSuds Soap and Branch Basics All Purpose Concentrate), baking soda, a scrub brush, and microfiber cloths

Here comes the fun:

1. Remove and inspect the bathtub clutter: Shampoo bottles, bar soap holders, razors, and the accumulation of the kids’ tub toys, the list goes on! Clear and toss any toys that have gotten funky or moldy.

2. Fill a bucket with hot water and pour all over the tub. Alternatively, you can run the hot water from the shower above the tub.

3. Sprinkle baking soda across all tub surfaces. If you have some really stubborn stains, make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply to the stain and let sit for a 2-3 hours.

4. Next, fill your bucket with hot water and a couple tablespoons of soap.

5. As you begin to scrub, dip your scrubbing brush into the bucket and give it your all as you clean.

6. Rinse. You can either empty the bucket and then use it to rinse your tub with hot water, or use the shower head or the hand sprayer.

Pro Tip: if you have tiled shower walls, clean the tiles first and the tub last.

Congratulations – your bathtub is now squeaky clean (and with nontoxic ingredients to boot)!


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