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🌱🌱🌱 DIY non-toxic ways to kill weeds 🌱🌱🌱

Weeds in the yard or between your patio/porch flooring can certainly be a persistent problem. ’Tis the season. And while chemical herbicides are effective, they can be harmful to your pets, family and the environment. Luckily, there are natural ways to tackle weeds that are both effective and eco-friendly. Remember, consistency is key. Regular maintenance and early intervention will help keep your outdoor space looking beautiful and weed-free. Here are some of the best natural methods to kill weeds and keep your yard and patio looking pristine:

Manual weeding. Manual weeding, literally pulling out the weeds manually, is the most straightforward and environmentally friendly method. Here are some tips to make it more effective:

Boiling water Pouring boiling water over weeds kills them instantly. This method works particularly well for weeds growing in cracks of patios and driveways.

DIY Vinegar Weed Killer Spray We love distilled white vinegar here at Armadillo and here it acts as a natural herbicide that can kill weeds. The acetic acid in vinegar draws moisture out of the weed, causing it to dry up and die.

Salt Salt is another effective weed killer, particularly for areas where you don’t want any plants to grow.

Mulch Mulching not only helps retain moisture in the soil but also suppresses weed growth by blocking sunlight.

Essential oils Certain essential oils, such as clove oil and citrus oil, can act as natural herbicides.

Weeding *Pro Tips* Maintain a healthy lawn by mowing regularly, watering properly, and fertilizing as needed to create an environment less favorable for weeds. And when gardening, plant a variety of species to cover the soil and outcompete weeds.


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    What is Home Warranty?

    Home Warranty plans cover the costs of repair or replacement of major appliances and systems like HVAC, refrigerators, dishwashers, washer/dryers and so much more.

    Armadillo is a technology company that makes requesting a repair and resolving the issue streamlined, easy, at your fingertips, and affordable.

    Typical Home Warranty

    A long legal contract. More pages means more conditions and exclusions – and more reasons to deny you service.

    Armadillo’s Home Warranty

    Shortest, most transparent and digestible plan in the industry. That means less fine print so that we can actually deliver for you.