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Cozy Season: Indoor home hacks for staying warm

While cranking up the thermostat can do the trick of keeping your home warm, it comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and hacks to keep you and your home toasty – especially as the sun sets and temperatures drop overnight – without breaking the bank. Here are some creative and energy-efficient solutions to make your winter evenings snug and cozy:


Check and seal the drafts The first line of defense against the cold is to seal any drafts in your home. Check windows and doors for gaps, and use weather stripping or draft stoppers to prevent cold air from infiltrating. Don’t forget to address gaps in floorboards and around electrical outlets as well.

Layer Up with Rugs Cold floors can significantly contribute to a cold atmosphere in the home. Placing rugs down acts as an insulator, preventing heat loss through the floors. Consider placing rugs in high-traffic areas and rooms with tile or hardwood flooring.

Thermal Curtains, it’s a thing Thermal curtains have insulating properties that help keep warm air in and cold air out. Keep them closed at night to help trap the heat inside and open during the day to allow natural sunlight to warm the space. These are popular.

Use Door Draft Stoppers Doors, especially front and back/patio doors, are a common source of heat loss. Door draft stoppers can be placed along the bottom of exterior doors. These simple, inexpensive tools can make a significant difference in maintaining a warm interior.

Bedding Flannel sheets are a great overnight option for staying insulated under the covers. Layering your bedding with additional blankets allows you to adjust the warmth according to your comfort level.

Daytime sunlight Take advantage of the sun’s natural warmth during the day by keeping curtains open to let sunlight in. Ensure that south-facing windows are unobstructed to maximize the heat gained from the sun. As evening falls, close curtains to retain the warmth.

Cuddle Up with Hot Water Bottles For an extra cozy and energy-efficient solution, fill hot water bottles and place them in your bed before you fold in for the night. This simple hack provides localized warmth without the need for additional heating.

For more on prepping and maintaining your home for the winter, check out our Winterizing Series blog here.


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